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U.S is the apparel sister to U.S prequel (bold Jewellery series).

U.S prequel is a powerful, extravagant statement about soulmates and how they can come in many forms in your life.
Friends, lovers, family, and most of all yourself.

Soulmates are always intertwined, they can be many, messy but they never leave us.
The many colourfully printed dresses with ruffled edges represent these soulmates.

Like real life they are not perfect but still exciting, fun, and they bring an explosion of colour into your life.


Jewellery and Apparel design: STUDIO | HEEY

Photography: Ginger Bloemen // GN.GR
Assisted by: Lau Eijsink
Models: Nancy & Douwe
MUAH: Dominique Cordaro
Location: De Baron Cocktailbar
Laserworks: STITCH Laserworks