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Bitch. Female. Male. Snake. Demon.

These words/labels can be viewed in various ways.
The way we view them is often defined by our cultural framework, our background and heritage.

Symbols that are regarded in one culture as evil, are considered empowering in another.
These words and symbols hold meaning, but they do not define us or capture all that we are.

The One and ONI was inspired by the Tale of Hashihime of Uji.

In the series: The One and ONI, Studio Heey invites you to play with these words and symbols.
Not diminishing them in their cultural value but re-experiencing them from another point of view.

Be Bold, create your own definition.
Wear It. Own It.


Jewellery and Apparel design: STUDIO | HEEY

Photography: Ginger Bloemen // GN.GR
Assisted by: Lau Eijsink
Models: Julia Klein
MUAH: Dominique Cordaro
Location: ENCI Quarry
Dressmaker: Anette Rozeboom
Laserworks: STITCH Laserworks