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At STUDIO HEEY we like special and good materials. Shiny ones, that will last a lifetime and can be recycled in the end.Locally produced and we aim to be completely environmentally friendly.Unfortunately there are still many materials going to waste.Old clothes are more often burned than recycled or given the chance for a second life.  With our new collection: HEEY HEEY HEEY, we also started upcycling.For this collection we asked our community for their old jeans, clothes

Yes babes, that’s right!Right now we are working on a standard line of jewellery, made up out of your favourites!The #1 HEEY Collection made for the babes.The collection colours vary from time to time but the pieces remain the same.Looking for a special piece? A different colour? Something unique from one of the collections?We’ve got you covered babes!Custom orders are always an option. We handle a standard price of €18,- on top of the standard

THE ONE AND ONI by STUDIO HEEY This year Fashionclash Festival hosted a digital edition of their fashion festival.During the event thereOur collection will be shown on the 27th of February, in the newest Fashionclash show: The Locals.  The Locals consists of a group of designers who each have a connection to the city of Maastricht and the province of Limburg, each on their own way. They will present their new collections individually, yet in a collective form.