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STUDIO HEEY is a bold Jewellery + Apparel label that creates serious fashion in a fun jacket☻

STUDIO HEEY is a Jewellery label created by Helène Klein.

Currently living and working in Maastricht. Helène studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design to become an art teacher, which she also practices besides her work at the Studio.

“The Jewellery I create is a bit out of the ordinary, I realize that☻.”
“After graduating, I searched for ways to create Jewellery in a nonstandard way. Since I’m not a goldsmith but I have always loved Jewellery design.
And then I discovered Perspex and lasercutting. I was able to literally draw my own pieces.
I use different colours of Perspex for every edition of our collection, so every piece is unique.”

Now STUDIO HEEY is a bold, gender-free, colourful brand with a unique Jewellery and Apparel line.
Influenced by various streetstyles from all over the world and various themes such as politics and inclusion.

“I want to show who I am, what I stand for. That’s what STUDIO HEEY is.
It’s about expressing yourself, being true to you and what you believe.”

Be bold, let’s play & be you.